Congrats Reductive Labs!!

I was thrilled to see this come across the wires this morning!  I’ve been working with the Reductive Labs crew (originators of the very popular Puppet OSS project)as an advisor, since late last summer.  How I came across them is an interesting tale in itself – but I will save that for another post (which at my current rate of blogging may not occur for a few years :))   Nontheless, given my background in both systems management (NetIQ) and OSS (Scalix) – Reductive Labs had me at “Hello”.  

There are several compelling dynamics when looking at Reductive Labs, of which I will highlight two: 1) Natural viral adoption – as I learned with many lessons of the past, this falls in the “priceless” category regardless of how much money you have in your budget for marketing and related activities and 2) Puppet is able to accomplish the incredibly rare “business exacta” (for you horse racing fans) of being both disruptive from a pricing perspective while providing “next generational” capabilities when compared to a Bladelogic or an Opsware. 

With apologies to my buddy Mike Maples Jr. and in the “you gotta be kidding me” category and even more ironic in the context of my prior post on Twitter, I love the coverage that has somehow positioned Puppet as a Twitter Scaling Solution!!  What next, Blackberrys and iPhones being called Twitter Personal Emitters??

Congratulations to True Ventures on their new investment and to Luke, Andrew and Teyo of Reductive Labs.  I’m expecting even bigger things now moving forward!


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